Wheel of Fortune


The Wheel of Fortune method I offer here is a variation of the one that is out there for long, as it was promoted by many authors of the New Thought Movement, first of all, Catherine Ponder. But I was only really fired up to try it when I saw the movie ‘The Secret’ and after reading all the books by Rhonda Byrne.

All videos can be downloaded in various formats and sizes. For doing so, click the ‘vimeo’ link in the video player to see the original video directly on Vimeo, then click the ‘Download’ button. A window will open that shows you four different sizes and formats for download, up to 1080p.

Unspoken Edition

Spoken by Heather (American English, Female Speaker)

Spoken by Will (American English, Male Speaker)

Spoken by Rachel (British English), Female Speaker

Spoken by Peter (British English, Male Speaker)