Revelation Quest

Revelation Quest. What is it all about? To list your desires, motivations, projects, and the purpose of your life is a good thing. It is a method that’s been around for a long time in personal consulting. 

The problem with this method is that not all of us can spontaneously give answers to the questions we all have, regarding our life’s higher purpose, our being in the world, what our highest gifts and talents are, and how we can know our yet unborn talents.

A Revelation Quest is a sort of extended prayer, which you address to your Higher Self in order to reveal to you the answers to your questions.

Revelation Quest helps you to focus on the questions, instead of any temporary answers you may have. The truth is that questions are more important than answers for we remain with them for all our life, while answers are always temporary, even if you are 100% sure now that the answer is correct. If you ask the question next year again, you may have a different answer, even if the difference is only minor, but difference there will be, as a matter of our ever-changing nature as human beings, and of life itself.

How to use this tool? Put yourself in a comfortable position, relaxed, wearing loose clothes when you do it at home, or just lean back in a moment of quiet, when you’ve turned off your mobile, in your office, and make a moment of silence in your mind.

Take a few deep breaths and start the video. When you hear the short piano tune, speak the question, either aloud or if you prefer, in a muted voice or silently in your mind. Then listen to the spoken question. Let the video go on from slide 1 to slide 12 and remain attentive and focused. You need roughly 6 minutes for going through it all.

Repeat it at least once a day.

The answers will come up in moments you are not expecting them, it may be at any time during the day or night, it may be when you are in the bathroom or under the shower or even in a dream. There is no way you can force your Higher Self to respond, but it will do so because it cares for your wellbeing and your personal evolution. However, it knows best when and how to present you the answers. 

It is important that you are faithful and remain focused, then you will surely receive the answers within a reasonable lapse of time.

All videos can be downloaded in various formats and sizes. For doing so, click the ‘vimeo’ link in the video player to see the original video directly on Vimeo, then click the ‘Download’ button. A window will open that shows you four different sizes and formats for download, up to 1080p.

Unspoken Edition

Spoken by Heather, American English, Female Speaker

Spoken by Will, American English, Male Speaker

Spoken by Rachel, British English, Female Speaker

Spoken by Peter, British English, Male Speaker