Healing Prayer

This prayer for healing consists of a set of positive affirmations that effect self-healing and recovery from any minor or major sickness. 

When you pray, do not focus on the particular ailment or body organ that is affected by the disease, for this can act counter to your prayer and worsen your condition. 

So this is very important advice! 

This is how to do it properly. Focus in a general manner on your body image, see yourself radiant and healthy, with buoyant life and high energy. 

Forget completely about the particular ailment for it’s just a symptom which signals an imbalance in your body's bioenergy setup. It is not important for you to have a disease diagnosed, just accept that your body is not at ease at the moment and focus on health. Then you will recover quickly.

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Spoken by Peter Fritz Walter. 
Background Music Credit: Kamal, Quiet Earth.