The prayers are the core content of Inspirational Prayer. You have every prayer in form of a Keynote presentation formatted into a video, and they come in five versions each, the unspoken edition, two editions in American English, with male and female speakers, and two editions in British English, equally with male and female speakers. 

This enables you to choose the voice that is most compliant with your inner setup and that ‘speaks’ to you. Behold, our higher self, which is the addressee of all our prayers, is neither male nor female, it is a spirit entity that is outside of space and time. While you may be male or female by birth, karmic astrology has shown clearly that we are a mix of male and female energies, all of us. For example, I—Peter Fritz Walter—am 55% female and 45% male while I am born a male. As this was revealed to me back in the 1980s through karmic astrology, it was no surprise to me that the voice that most appeals to me is ‘Rachel,’ the British English female voice synthesis from Acapela. So carefully choose your voice before you start the prayers. In other words, if you are a white American male, don’t just default yourself on Will, the male voice synthesis in American English. Try the others, and make a careful choice. You may be surprised!

You have all the videos directly playing in a window but the window is not optimized for HD quality. So use Vimeo Player’s full-screen ability to watch the videos online. You can also download each video in the highest quality—1080p—directly by clicking on the links provided for each video.

For doing the prayers, regarding Dr. Joseph Murphy’s prayer method, which he called ‘scientific prayer’ and which I baptized ‘inspirational prayer’ or ‘creative prayer,’ watch the content on the pages The Legacy of Dr. Joseph Murphy and read the PDF essay in your language provided at the various home pages for each language covered on this site (DutchEnglish, French, German, Spanish, Italian).