Your Right to Be Rich


Quotes from Dr. Murphy’s book ‘Think Yourself Rich.’ Use these quotes to imprint your mind with the idea that you have the right to be rich, to be wealthy, to live the life more abundant, and to be among the top 1% of the world population who according to trustworthy statistics hold 96% of the world’s financial resources. 

There is no good in condemning this state of affairs; we are not living in a just world, or a just society, this is simply a fact. But this injustice is not primarily the result of a market ideology called ‘capitalism’ … rather is it the outcome of the way people think, and are programming themselves, or else, let others program them. 

99% of the people let others or the state take charge of their lives, refusing responsibility for their fate, which is first of all the responsibility of our thinking, our inner world, our inner imagery, our worldview. 

Is your worldview one of believing in scarcity, or is it one of believing in abundance? If you have subscribed to the scarcity worldview, you have allowed to get driven away from nature, for nature, the universe, is abundant. 

You can undo this process, even if you have been addicted to scarcity thinking for 50 years, through positive self-programming. Start now with these precious quotes from one of Dr. Murphy’s best books.

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Unspoken Edition

Spoken by Heather, American English, Female Speaker

Spoken by Will, American English, Male Speaker

Spoken by Rachel, British English, Female Speaker

Spoken by Peter, British English, Male Speaker