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This site is dedicated to the late Dr. Joseph Murphy, Ph.D., D.D. (1898-1981), who was a world-renowned authority on mind dynamics, and author of numerous bestselling books, including The Power of Your Subconscious Mind

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This site is grounded in a deep motivation and an effort to share a method with the world that has helped me tremendously in a time of great personal turmoil, change, and transformation. In fact, the prayer technique that is subject to this site was a trigger for finding my true identity, and for enabling me to change my bread job to a real vocation.

Having been gifted for music and art as a child, I was yet growing up in a milieu that was totally non-caring and non-supportive for my various gifts and talents, and it was only at the age of thirty that, after a suicide attempt, I began to inquire who I really am, and what I am here for.

The prayers helped me to make two important decisions: to finalize my doctorate in international law without however pursuing the career of an international lawyer, and to start a career in education that was going to bring me the real fulfillment to my professional life. I namely became a musical teacher, drafted a curriculum for a brain-smart and permissive pre-school, and became a corporate trainer with a professional focus on South-East Asia.

It was then in Indonesia, back in 1998, that my real career took off, as a corporate consultant. Today I do various types of coaching and training, such as personal coaching, language training, and corporate training:

However, with all the acclaim I get for my own writings and ideas, I have not forgotten whom I got the teaching from, for it was not grown on my own soil. I got it from the books of Dr. Joseph Murphy.

However, this site is not a philosophical quest, and I am not sharing here philosophical ideas. I have done that on other sites of mine. See for example:

Here, I wish to help you, my readers, to get practical advice for praying positively, in order to attract to you all the good you deserve, all the riches of life, wealth, abundance, positive, fruitful and mutually satisfying relationships, and professional partnerships., as well as perfect health and long-term wellbeing, reaching old age in full command of your mental and physical force.

Please check out the Prayer Section of this site which is the most important contribution I have to make to the world through this site. But also check out the tribute I made to the immortal Legacy of Dr. Joseph Murphy, my great teacher and mentor, while I did not have the privilege to know him in person.

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